Meet Our Models

Meet Our Models

Here at Fairytale Romance, we take every opportunity to inspire our customers with Good Work and Good Will. When selecting our models to show off our incredible items, we do not divert from this philosophy.

Our models are not professional models. They have real stories and real lives - they aren't pampered princesses and they certainly haven't always had it easy. Like all of us, they face the turmoil and challenges of life each and every day. We asked them to model for us because they inspire us. They take on the challenges that life has thrown at them with their heads held high and with a brave smile.

We would like to take this chance to thank them for allowing us to share their deeply personal stories. They did not ask us to tell their story. But when we asked permission from them and told them what an inspiration they would be, they let it happen ... and for that we can only thank them.


Very few people inspire us like Vik. She is remarkable and the epitome of Vik's success is shown in what a wonderful young man her son Bradley is becoming.

11 years ago, Vik gave birth to Bradley when she was just 17, and she has taken on the world almost single handedly ever since.

It has not been easy. In 2016, a house fire left her without a home for several months, and earlier this year she bravely revealed to her friends that she has struggled (as so many of us do) with Depression and Mental Ill Health.

It is her openness and honesty, along with her determination, that enables her to succeed.

Not just a brilliant mum, she has built a career too; carefully and methodically climbing the ladder by fearlessly taking every good opportunity that she created for herself.

That mentality has delivered her dreams. 2018 has been a big year for Vik as she became a home owner for the first time.

Seen here in the AllSaints Neila Dress, we love how Vik's gritty, earthy and very genuine character is mirrored in style by the contemporary structure and contradictory asymmetry of the dress. It is a portrait of complexities ... the very real complexities of life.




Mother of two beautiful children, Fleur is 42 years old and married to a proud Yorkshireman and former Marine called Damian. Whilst in active Military Service, Damian was seriously injured in an explosion and was forced to retire from the Forces. Far from engaging in a 'woe is me' and 'woe is my family' attitude, Fleur kept it all together wonderfully and focused on her family.

Fleur's eldest, Marnix, suffers from a severe form of Autism which presents its daily challenges. Fleur tirelessly promotes positive Autism awareness and somehow finds a way to combine caring for her son with maintaining the normalities of life for her daughter Saskia. She does it all brilliantly.

In this photo, Fleur is seen wearing the Iconic Herve Leger Contour Dress. We truly believe this photograph captures the awe inspiring power of Fashion... just look at that beautiful smile. Just for a moment, she allowed herself a little bit of 'me-time', and the positivity it provided is palpable.