About Us

About us

Welcome to Fairytale Romance Ltd. We are a small family run business who have a dedicated passion for luxurious and beautiful clothing … along with a great big heart focused on generating a business with a big Social Conscience. So much happens behind the scenes which we like to think our customers would be really proud of supporting. Front of house, we are absolutely dedicated to serving you to the very best of our ability which includes fast communication times, fast dispatch, accurate descriptions and authentic items. Thank you for considering us and our items, and if we can do anything to help please be sure to ask. We look forward to serving you.

Our mission

Once the layers of luxurious fabric are stripped back on our business, you will find a Social Enterprise just waiting to jump out at you. It is our aim that, in as many areas as possible, every pound we spend does some good, somewhere for someone.

What that means is that we will continue to support Charities and Good Causes in the aquisition of our stock for as long as we exist. Beyond that, we are preparing our Enterprise in a such a way that we will be employing people who have been long term unemployed and helping them back in to work.

Our long term plan is to release self-contained pockets of our enterprise to less affluent communities who need a helping hand in order to decrease unemployment rates. If fully supported, we believe that we can harness the energy and release the potential that those communities have in order to enable social mobility and build better lives


Falling in love with Fashion.

As well as all that world changing goodness at our core, when it comes to our customers our focus is clear: Provide the Best Products, with the Best Service, at the Best Prices.

We want you to look amazing and (if you haven't already done so) we want you to fall in love with the most important person in the world .... YOU!

Some of our items come from the greatest Fashion Houses to have ever graced the world and this excites us immensely. We hope it excites you too. These Couture Palaces realise that they are the Michelangelo, van Gogh and Dali of the modern day and that their canvas is your body.

The likes of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Laboutin have discovered how to unleash the sensuality of the human body through form and fabric, cut and quality. The new generation of designers coming through, which include the already global superstars such as Philipp Plein, take that a stage further and deliver fetishwear to the cosmopolitan glitterati in a wholey acceptable form. In doing so they become the hit of the likes of New York Fashion Week and generate an acknowledgement of period change akin to the Masters of Baroque assuming power from their Renaissance predecessors.

And what we love? .... well what we love is all of those genial minds and spirits have one need in common. The need for a canvas. The canvas need not be virginal. The canvas need not be perfect. Perfection will be created through character, attitude, enjoyment and your smile. When you take on the Couture masterpieces, when you wear them (rather than let them wear you) you deliver the creation in a way that those brilliant minds intended. They can't do it without you. And with you they can create a masterpiece like no other. The ability to fall in love all over again


Our story

The realisation that your body is a canvas for art in the form of fashion is a biggie! Project that on to a lifelong passion for fundraising and enterprise and you have the ingredients to create this very special Companies House registered Bake that would leave Mary Berry ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

Our commitment to service was inspired by the greatest restaurants in Australia,

Our commitment to Charity was ignited at Junior school when the local Ambulance needed some extra cash

Our commitment to Fashion was harnessed by the V&A following flirtation with the Dubai-Super-Culture

Our commitment to community was developed by the Christian faith

The results of all that so far is that over a quarter of a million pounds have found their way to good causes thanks to our MD and over ten thousand people are better dressed than they otherwise would have been!