Fashion Fairy

Concierge Shopping Experience

Let's imagine you've got a rare 10 minutes to yourself to relax.... Instead of spending it browsing through our catalogues of THOUSANDS of unique products to find out if something is in your Style, Favourite Brand, Colour and Size we've got a magical new service which is even more enjoyable and will have you feeling VERY special.

Welcome to the Fairytale Romance Personal Shopper Concierge Service....

.... Welcome to the Fashion Fairy


It is a Luxurious Service befitting to our Luxurious Products and IT'S FREE! Yep, Free. Totally and Utterly Free of Charge.

To have your name added to the Fashion Fairy Guest List, simply get in touch

How it Works

Once upon a time .... (well we had to start it that way because all of the best stories do) ...

Ask us for our help and you will receive a Video Playlist of products which our Fashion Fairy has specifically chosen just for you.

Step 1: Ask us for Assistance - be as specific or generic as you like... we just need your Size(s)
Step 2: Relax
Step 3: We will send you a Video Playlist of our items that we have put together just for you to Peruse at your Pleasure
Step 4: Each Video in the Playlist contains a link to where you can purchase the items that take your fancy, should you wish
Step 5: Receive your Ordered Items and Look Fantastic

Completely Personalised. No algorithms. No spam. No Corporate Data Sales. Just a Fairy, full of inspiration completely inspired by you, waving their Magic Wand.

.... And they all lived happily ever after. THE END