Silk Scarves & Summer

Ferragamo Scarf

As the season changes so does the fashion, and we always want to remain connected to the most important influences of material and form. At Fairytale Romance, we reflect that in the dashes of colour you'll find around our website. 

This month, we are really relishing our Summer Silks and having recently released a beautiful collection of silks to our online store, it feels like a great time to celebrate that most luxurious of accessories - the silk scarf

With hand rolled edges & vibrant patterns, silk scarves can alter an outfit with a splash of colour to define your mood.

We're seeing more and more emboldened use of Silks by both men and women. Freedom to express your style has never been more front and centre of people's thoughts since our freedoms were removed over the last number of weeks during lockdown.

As we are slowly allowed back to our normal lives, its time to unashamedly celebrate that freedom. We're really looking forward to seeing how people choose to safely do that. And if we can encourage you to do it colour & charisma, then all the better!


The pattern in the picture above is from the Large Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Scarf we have for sale.  Please Click Here for full details