Re-Birth of Bohemia

If you're Generation X, a Millennial, or Generation Z, then the idea of of 60s and 70s Bohemia is a colourful concept that lures and lusts its way to your never-quite-realised influences.

Whether you found yourself under the tutelage of The Kardashians, Suggs, Ian Brown, Tupac, Iron Maiden or Morrissey, we learned chic in a more urban environment with contrasting Shades of Grey.

Our generations learned to fight our way out of mediocrity. Our need to advance ourselves has been more easily achieved for some with the Nightmare of Knifecrime, the Cut-throat County Lines and the Deviants of the Dark Web. For others it's the somewhat more palatable (if no more unifying) worlds of Brexit, Social Media and Climate Change that have invigorated our self-importance.

Why? Well it would take a better brain than this to give you the detailed Clinical Psychological reasoning of why. But instead I'll enjoy exploring the 'Life after Lockdown' with you where we push those nasties back into the shadows and enjoy the overwhelming change on the horizon.

History predicts the future, and it's nearly always right. We'll leave the economists to debate whether the Great Depression ended with the reduction of unemployment and rise of GDP during WW2, or with the increase in lifestyle as our troops returned home after it. But what we do know is this:

Bohemia was Born (or perhaps re-born) not long afterwards... and it was beautiful. Commentaries of the era suggest is was a colourful unification of love and freedom. A celebration of life, friendship, the arts and affluence. Where the litmus test of your day is a scale of Joie de Vivre.

For at the end of every dark all-nighter, we witness the most beautiful sunrise and rebirth of the day.

And our rebirth will be here soon. Who will be our Mary Quant and what will be her Mini-dress? How will we Groove? I don't know, but I know its coming and I can't wait to find out.

As Lockdown lifts, the appetite for love will be compelling. We will appreciate, we will celebrate, we will unify, and it will be Freedom. If it is a drip fed version of freedom where our normals return one by one then so be it. Instead of dinner with all the trimmings, it will be like a delicious 7 course taster menu and I look forward to every delicious bite.

Of course for us, the most tantalising aspect is the fashion that will emerge. How will our master couture palaces become the forerunners of change akin to Dali, Hockney and Picasso? As we pack away our loungewear, the appetite for colour, texture, playful eccentricity, experimental form and downright outrageousness will be palpable.

You're about to witness something incredible in the timeline of fashion. Will the Catwalk Runway extend to merge with the pavement of the High Street? We think it just might and we're ready. ❤️