Material Compositions

Ever looked at a care label to find out what an item is made from and you've been presented with a bunch of two letter codes which don't make much sense? Well here's a definite list to help you decipher what you have in your hands....

Abbreviation Fibre
AC Acetate
AF Other Fibres
CA Acetate
CMD Modal
CO Cotton
CTA Triacetate
CU Cupro
CUP Cupro
CV Viscose (Rayon)
EA Elastane
EL Elastane
HL Cotton / Linen Mix
LI Flax / Linen
MA Modacrylic
MO Modal (Modal Cotton)
ME Metallic Fibre
NY Nylon
PA Nylon/Polyamid
PE Polyethylene
PES Polyester
PC Acrylic
PL Polyester
PM Metallised Polyester
PU Polyurethane Fibre
RA Ramie
SE Silk
TA Triacetate
VI Viscose (Rayon)
VY Vinyl
WA Angora
WB Beaver
WG Vicuña
WK Camelhair
WL Llama
WM Mohair
WO Wool
WP Alpaca
WS Cashmere
WU Guanaco
WV Virgin Wool
WY Yack